Suddenly not recording [SOLVED]

I have windows 8 and Firefox 40.0.3. Saturday - two days ago - it worked fine. I recorded a bunch of audio files (language vocab) via my microphone headset to put on my iPod. Today - Monday - I sit down to do another one and…nothing. Just a straight line. I don’t think I’ve even installed computer updates. The speaker icon on my task bar shows Audacity unmuted. I was just talking VOIP on the same headset - so everything is working and plugged in correctly. So I uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled it. Still nothing. I’ve googled this and read other solutions from 2012 - 2013 …perhaps - but the computer is set up differently now. I’m perplexed.
Thank you.

Which Audacity do you have?

I was just talking VOIP on the same headset

Which could kill you right there. Audacity doesn’t get along with Skype and other conference and communications programs. They tend to fight for mastery of the microphone and headphone. Did you really close Skype, or leave it chugging in the background? Did you restart the computer anywhere in there?


Koz - thanks.
VOIP - Ring Central, not skype. The headset I had on Saturday is the one I always use for my sales calls, and the same one I used tonight. Although I DID say that I didn’t install updates, I was away from home Sat pm. through Monday morning and since I leave my computer on sleep, it’s possible Windows installed something that updated my sound settings rendering Audacity ineffective.

Once again I uninstalled it and this time, reinstalling it, I noticed I was asked if I wanted to reset preferences. Frankly, I don’t remember changing them - my needs and use for Audacity are so simple, but I I checked the box and finished reinstalling it. I guess that confirms windows did something while I was gone. Now it’s recording again.

Thanks, Koz, for your attention and help.