Suddenly Exporting is 100X Longer

My podcasts run about 30 minutes. Same presets, same everything. Nothing has changed. Everything has always been edited in WAV 16 and then the finished product is exported to MP3. Never an issue. I have need to adding a 20 second clip on the front of several of these episodes. Ive tried two ways. The short Wav file + MP3 and converting the short wav to an MP3+ the MP3. In both cases, when I try to export the file, I get all the same prompts, but now, it states it will take 8-13 hours to render. It normally takes a few minutes.

I could really use some help on this, as this issue is impacting a lot of deadlines.


Producing work with MP3s as the source material is like making photocopies of photocopies. The quality deteriorates with each generation. Much better to work with uncompressed WAV files.

  1. Import the 20 second clip WAV file.
  2. Import the podcast WAV file
  3. Use the Time Shift tool to drag the podcast to the right so that it begins after the 20 second clip.
  4. Export as MP3.

I vaguely recall hearing of a minor bug for some users when exporting in some formats, where the time countdown for the export is wrong, so that it looks like a 2 minute export will take 3 hours, but if you let it run it completes in 2 minutes. I don’t recall other details, but try letting the export run, it may just be the countdown that’s wrong.

Exporting everything as a wav, then reimporting the one file to reexport as an MP3 worked. I think thats what you said, lol, but it worked. Thanks!

Yes, it’s this problem

and it is fixed in the upcoming 2.1.3 release.