Suddenly Cannot Import Any Audio Of Any Type?


I have not been on Audacity for a few years. I downloaded the new version and imported a wav file to edit (all VO for one of several free classes Im offering in my biz). At the end, I wanted to import a royalty free outro Ive used in Audacity and others places many time, and the app had a meltdown. For a moment, it looked like I was going to lose 3 hours of work but I removed the music outro, saved the project and was able to export the file to mp3 from the wave.

To be safe, I used CleanMyMac, restarted and for extra measure, did a PRAM reset (all on a Mac, BTW). When booted back up Audacity and go to import audio – all audio files are grayed out. I always work with wav and then export the final product to MP3, as an FYI. But like I said, I can’t important any audio now.

Thoughts? Ideas? Alcoholic beverage via an IV bag ideas? Im on a tight timeline and this has shutdown any ability to edit.

Your time and support are greatly appreciated,

Also, I have FFmpeg installed.

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