suddenly audacity not playing files

Hello everyone
I was playing back files (mp3) using Audacity using the Focusrite setup - this has been working fine for some time now. However a few minutes ago, after playing some *wav I went back to mp3 and the Audacity playback no longer activates - doesnt work. In fact I cant play any of my many backing music files and other mp3s. Is there some setting I need to look at to get this working?
I tried closing Audacty and restarting - no change unfortnately ;-(
Help very much appreciated.
Thank you.

Apologies - all solved - I had to disconnext Focusrite set up and reconnect (USB) and then re-register mic and headsetas Focusrite and then everything begain to work again.

Thanks for posting back - we like folk that fess up :slight_smile:

and this may help others in the future …