Suddenly Audacity mo longer works

Audacity 2.3.1 I recorded 10 tracks of my old band last night. Suddenly it wouldn’t work this morning. I was using a tape recorder. I downloaded the latest Adacity and it still doesn’t work. when I push record it goes about 1/32 of an inch and stops. on both versions. Help!

Do you mean that you were trying to record from a USB cassette player?

When you say “It doesn’t work” do you mean it won’t record or playback?
I’m assuming that you mean that it will not record, but will play back tracks you previously recorded.

One quick test would be to open Audacity then play one of the tracks you have stored on your computer using a non-Audacity playback app. Then, press record on Audacity to see if it records normally. If it does, your problem may be with your input source (USB tape deck?). If you can narrow the problem to either Audacity or the input source you should be on your way to a solution. Please post results.