Sudden Very Loud Hiss, you can't hear the music!!

First of all, thank you for letting me a part of your forum.

I down load all my music and I always run Audacity for a better fidelity. But recently when I finish my run the songs. When I listen to them a very loud roar of HISS sound, which blocks the music and you only hear this awesome hiss sound. :astonished: When I hist FF to the next song, the hiss stops. It always happens in the middle of the song and never at the beginning. After asking on the net, a dude told me this;

If you hear a noise or hiss from downloaded tracks, it may be because these tracks were converted from DSD masters to PCM, which was observed to introduce noise.

Is this correct? If so, how do I block this?

PS I post it in the work forum, sorry.

File format conversion can add noise, but usually so low that only dogs can hear it. It doesn’t take over the music.

Does the hiss stop if you start playing the same music over again? Does it always happen in the same place in the song?

How are you listening to the music? Headphones?


Well, I first like to change the hKz/Bit to 96hKz/24bit. No, if I play the song again, it starts to hiss in the same place and loud, so loud you can’t hear the song. I’m listening to the music via my speakers.

That is unlikely to be of any benefit. The default bit format for Audacity is “32 bit float” which is the recommended (most accurate) format for audio processing.
Increasing the sample rate will slightly reduce the sound quality due to tiny errors in resampling. For best quality, convert the track to 32 bit float if it is not already in that format, and leave the sample rate at its original rate.

Regarding the hiss, please post a short sample that shows the hiss as it starts. See here for how to post audio samples.
Please make the audio sample in WAV or FLAC format.