Sudden stopping

Sorry if this has been asked before, but Audcaity has a habit of suddenly stopping at random times.

O/S - Vista
Audacity version 2.0.5

Detail: I will be recording, going along fine, and, quite suddenly, it stops, mid-song. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. One day, it will be fine all day. Another (like today) a number of sudden stops (7 today and counting; 4 days ago it was 10 when I finally gave up). Same input device, same everything else.

Same input device

Which is? Device drivers can cause very serious problems in Windows. Also room and fragmentation of the hard drive.

Lenox record/tape player. Came with Audacity 2.0.0 on disc; I upgraded to v2.0.5. Room on hard drive - 98G; hard drive defrag’ed because of this and it didn’t help.

The problem is it is completely random. Might be three or four days without an issue, and then two days in a row with constant stops, then again no issue for another few days.

Two suggestions.

Change the USB cable and ensure it is tight both ends.

Ensure you plug into an empty USB port, not into a USB hub that has other devices plugged into it. Make sure it’s a USB 2.0 port not 1.1, which could be too slow in some circumstances. Look in the specifications in your computer manual if you are not sure.


Plugged directly into a USB2.0 port, and the cable is fine. Changing the cable with one from another dervice was the 1st thing I tried.

Try rebooting the computer and shutting down as many other programs as you can when recording.

Set project rate bottom left of Audacity to 44100 Hz.

You could try changing the “Host” in Device Toolbar - change to “Windows DirectSound” or “MME” depending which you are using now.

If you think it is an Audacity issue (probably not) then you can record using Windows Sound Recorder instead. The recording would be a WMA file then if you want to edit the recording in Audacity you would need to install FFmpeg from Audacity Manual so as to import the WMA into Audacity.


I even shut down the Internet connection and my anti virus software. The only thing operating was Audacity.

Did this as it mentioned it in the FAQs.

All this was also in the FAQs and makes no difference.

Audacity is the one recommended by the device company.

Yes, but “Sound Recorder” is an effective diagnostic tool as it records directly from the Windows sound system. If Windows sound recorder works and Audacity doesn’t then the problem is likely to be with Audacity or settings. If the problem also occurs with Sound Recorder then the problem is likely to be elsewhere. Intermittent problems are often tricky to locate, so you have to try and narrow down the probably causes by a process of elimination.