Sudden stop

Why is it that I’ll be recordong something – with overdub on – and everything will suddenly stop. It seems to be relaed to the fact that I don;t start the recording from the very beginning.

Audacity starts recording two ways: from the beginning of the show or the end of the last track with Append Record. You can pause recording at any time, but it will always pick up again at the end of that track.

Audacity doesn’t have “Punch-In” like a classic tape machine or some video editors.

Describe exactly what you were trying to do. Cover up a bad note by backing up slightly and press record?


As well as I can recall, this is what happened. I didn;t want to start recording all the way from the beginning, so I put the cursor just before the place where I wanted to start recording the new track – which worked. Then I wanted to do another “take,” so I went back to a point further toward the beginning. But when I got to the point I had previously selected, everything stopped.

One thing that’s probably relevant is that a yellow line appeared on the screen when I hovered he cursor over that point.

When Audacity stopped, did you have a selection in one of the tracks? When in overdub mode, Audacity will record for exactly the length of the selection.

– Bill

I don’t think I had anything selected, but I won’t swear to it. WHat I think happened was that it stopped at the point where I started the recording before.