Sudden static noise only when editing

Alright, so disclaimer first off, I am no computer whiz. I am in theater, and use Audacity only to edit music for teaching and such. However I have been using it for that for awhile. This is the first time I have ever had this problem.

I was working on a track yesterday, where I was editing together two different songs, one that was recorded and emailed to me, one that I downloaded from Youtube, which I do frequently. I saved it, put my computer to sleep, and this morning when I opened it there was static throughout the entire track that wasn’t there yesterday. I tried using the noise reduction feature and it did nothing. All other sound playback on my laptop was fine.

Just for giggles I exported the file and played it through my regular music player, and it sounded normal. But there is still annoying static in the actual Audacity editing, which makes it very frustrating to spend hours editing music and having to listen to that. Any idea what is wrong?


Oh, I forgot to mention, I tried starting a new project after this problem started, with different files, and it’s still happening. So it’s not just the one project that is messed up.

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Does your regular music player use the default Windows playback device, or can it choose the playback device like Audacity can?

If Audacity is using the same playback device as your music player and the complete file plays properly on your music player, the actual audio data in the project should be OK. The problem could be that the Audacity state that was saved to memory when you slept the computer has not been restored correctly.

Save and close the project, exit Audacity, restart the computer then reopen the project or import the file and all should be OK.

If you continue to receive problems after waking the computer from sleep, I suggest you test your computer’s memory.