Sudden Sound Level Dip

I am using Audacity 2.0.5 and Windows 10.

I upgraded to Windows 10 a while ago now but Audacity has been working fine since then so I don’t think it’s Windows 10 that’s causing the following problem.

I record voiceovers and audiobooks using a Blue Yeti USB condenser mic plugged into my laptop and Audacity for editing. It’s worked fine for a couple of years now however … I was in the middle of editing yesterday when the sound level on my headphones suddenly dipped to a very low level. I hadn’t touched any settings and I’ve tried different 3 different USB ports on my laptop but no solution. I then thought it was an issue with the mic but when I plug it into the USB on my daughter’s Mac (running Garageband) it works just as it did, with normal sound levels so I don’t think its the mic.

I now have to have the input volume set at max 1.0 in order to achieve the save levels I was getting at 0.35. I also can’t monitor and edit the sound properly because the levels are low in my headphones.

Any ideas anyone? I don’t have great technical ability so any suggestions in easy to understand language would be greatly appreciated. I am nervous about upgrading to the latest Audacity in case it’s very different to what I’m used to.

Hope to hear from you!


Are you talking about the headphones output of the Yeti?

You have not changed the gain control on Yeti itself, I take it?

Is the output and input drop now always immediate when you start recording? Or does it start loud then tail off as it did the first time?

Are you listening to previous recordings while making a new recording? If not, you could try turning Transport > Overdub off in the Audacity menu bar. If you are overdubbing, try the “Do Nothing” setting on the “Communications” tab of Windows Sound.

It’s possible there was a Windows 10 update that has not helped. Blue mics do not support Windows 10 in any case (according to their site).