Sudden Loud Noise

I’ve been recording a song all day. It got stuck and there was not enough disk space so moved the whole file to a memory stick. Then when re-opening, it asked for ‘recovery’ which went well.

After finishing editing, I pressed play and suddenly there’s a LOUD noise. The vocals are GONE here and there. The waves look like straight stripes. Doesn’t look good. How can I get my original recording back?

Please someone reply. I can’t send a private message. How do I get in touch with Audacity for real help?

Audacity-projects consist of two parts : a small “.aup” file and a big “data” folder.
The file without the folder is useless : the small “.aup” file does not contain any audio.
Moving Audacity projects is a tricky business, see …
https ://

Also recording to an external drive, rather than the local one, is risky