such a newbie

I am a transcriptionist. I use this program mainly to edit voice files so that I am more able to understand difficult speech. I would like to know much more about the abilities of the editing effects available in this program, but am afraid I need a PhD in audio to fully comprehend some of this stuff. Is there a site where I can learn of the capabilites of the editing effects beyond the elementary instruction provided?

I am talking specifically about the choices in the editing effects like noise removal and it’s decibel limiter, etc. I have been playing around with it for about a month and have been successful in some matters. I want to know more of what I am doing, how to enhance specific audio wave ranges, decibels, and I know I sound like such a beginner. Please, is there hope for me out there? :confused:

For noise removal in particular see this page in the manual:

All the effects are listed on this manual page with links to fuller documentation:

There is a set of tutorials in the manual too: