Subtle pops or clicks in my audio

This is the file from the second computer no poping clicking different room and the computer specs are lower than mine an i5 instead of an i7 no nvida graphics card ect. Dosent seem to be the room because it was still there even when i was standing up and had a blanket down over the floor. Starting to lean towards a possible faulty usb but not all my usbs should be faulty and it happens in all of them.

Edit : After doing a little bit more investigation i did a full restart and removed background processes and did not launch steam google chrome ect i didnt hear any pops or clicks but will be doing futher testing to see if that is what is causeing the problem. Of course this shouldnt be happening with it set to high so i’m not 100% sure why it is.

Your example “test4” has a missing bit : that’s a drop-out.

Feng shui will not stop further dropouts.

Has a few mouth-clicks, (made by you) , e.g. @ ~1 second , but no dropouts.
There’s a DeClicker plugin for Audacity here, which can automatically remove mouth-clicks.

I didn’t think it was the room but i thought it would be best to check just to be safe. After a restart that was needed and the removal of non vital and vital processes it seems to have dissapperd on the computer i was haveing problems with. and i just did another test with my AV and discord open and it still worked fine so it looks like i had a bunch of shit on my RAM ect and it just needed a refreash

Constipated RAM is a constant problem.


Yeah i should of thought of the RAM when i havent restarted this pc in like a month no telling how much shit it had loaded it didnt need to have