submitting bash utilities to work with audacity???

Being inspired by DJKABOODLEs utility, I have upgraded that utility and created utilities to create and modify label import files from cue files and m3u files. I also created a utility to create m3u files from label export files. Included in this suite I also have a conversion calculator to convert from mm:ss:ff to decimal seconds and Visa versa.

How or where do I submit my tool kit to be made available on this forum and the Audacity Wiki???


To use this utility sounds great to me.

Do you mind if it yhould be possible to extend your utility? I’m looking for a way to import/export my labes files as srt files (subtitle files to use creating DVDs or add to YouTube Videos).
Because it whould be much easier to place the text in time while seeing the dialogue like it can be seen in audacity.