Sublimnal plug-in Wav 16, 24 or 32?

Hi there,

I was recommended by our forum admin Steve, that when I would export a subliminal file, it would be best to export it to Wav.
However right now I noticed that there are three Wav options. 16-bit PCM 24-bit PCM and a 32-bit float PCM
I don’t really know which one to choose. Does anybody know which one would be best to choose?
And can I also export it to FLAC?

Steve said that if one would export a subliminal file to MP3 some of the data will be lost.

Note that MP3 encoding is likely to strip out high frequencies as MP3 is designed to remove information that is inaudible (so as to reduce the file size while preserving the audible information).

Any of those formats are fine, though some apps can’t play 24-bit WAV, some can’t play 32-bit WAV, some can’t play FLAC.
Just about all apps can play 16-bit WAV, so for compatibility reasons it is an excellent choice.

FLAC is lossless so it’s fine. When played it gets decompressed and the audio data is identical to an uncompressed WAV (at the same sample rate & bit depth). It supports 32-bit integer but not 32-bit floating point, and Audacity’s FLAC encoder doesn’t make 32-bit FALCs.

According to the official specification (, FLAC supports 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 bit integer only.

Thanks Steve for the follow up, I will work with Wav.