subliminal recording

is it possible to hear the suggestions behind the waves on a subliminal recording? If so how would i do this?

Should silent track have waves?


Audacity’s spectrogram view can reveal if there is speech shifted up to inaudible frequencies in “silent” areas.

Even if there is, I doubt anyone’s brain can understand it.

thanks i see it with Spectrogram view.

There will usually be some noise-floor on any recording, rather than absolute flat-line silence.
If you amplify the noise-floor you can hear what you want to hear.

how do i amplify the floor noise?

Select some “silence” then amplify it to 0dB.
It’s just random noise but people interpret parts of it as speech,
(an audio equivalent of Rorschach inkblots: a form of pareidolia).

The codecs & (other processing) used can make plain noise seem even more like speech.

is it possible to hear the suggestions behind the waves on a subliminal recording? If so how would i do this?

It depends on the technique(s) used. Some methods are not reversible. You’d have to check with the person who created it to see if there’s a way to “decode” or “extract” the message. Formats like MP3 work by throwing-away things you can’t hear, so the subliminal information may no longer exist. (There are also frequency & level “limits” to WAV files so depending on how it’s done the information can be lost in those formats too.)

You’re not supposed to hear it so unless you’re trying to transmit a secret message or something like that it shouldn’t matter.

Should silent track have waves?

What I call “digital dead silence” is a file full of zeros (assuming WAV format) and it’s a flat line (no waves) in Audacity. Of course, there’s no subliminal information (no information at all) in a silent file. In the real-analog world you can’t get pure silence (unless you’re in a vacuum) but you can get below the threshold or hearing or (more commonly) you can get below the acoustic nose floor in the room.

how do i amplify the floor noise?

Limiting (and/or dynamic compression) when used with make-up gain will bring-up the noise floor. That reduces the signal-to-noise ratio and I’d guess it wont help. Amplify first (with the default settings) to get a known starting point. Then, the Limiter effect has a maximum of -10dB, so try that (with make-up gain) and then maybe run it one or two more times. (It’s going to sound terrible, if it doesn’t sound terrible already, but that will bring-up the background sounds.)

BTW - I’m a total skeptic! In my opinion, if you can’t hear it you can’t hear it and all subliminal methods are equally ineffective. :wink:

OK thanks for your help :wink:

OK thanks.the silent one is ultrasonic i think, sorry should have said said that .I am not transmitting a secret message, a friend a i were curious about one of the subliminal mp3’. i can see waves in the silent one when i use Audacity Spectrogram view. sending you a pm

Can you tell me what these limits are in WAV files?

The upper frequency is limited to half the sample rate (this is called the “Nyquist frequency”).

The size of normal WAV files are limited to 4 GB.

The amplitude for most WAV files (integer format WAV) is limited to a maximum of 0 dB.