Sub-ing in samples in place of recorded sounds?

Hi, Ive got seperate drum tracks that ive recorded at home and ive also got some samples on my computer, im wondering if there is a way to sub in my sampled kick drum sound for the consistent 4 minute long kick track that i recorded so that the sampled sound is used for every beat that i recorded? Thanks in advance.

I can sense you’re probably looking for a one or two click solution, but the only way I know of to do that is import the song on the top track and the new beats on the second track. Both will play at once. Use the time shift tool and copy/paste to generate an extended track. If you want to substitute the new beats for the old, you can use the Envelope tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to “fade” out the old beat at the exact right time to allow the new. One beat at a time.

It can’t take you more than six or eight months to do.


If you know the exact tempo and rhythm then you could try this (experimental) plug-in to generate a new kick-drum track using your drum sample.

If your current drum track is multiple drums mixed down to a single track you could try using the AutoDuck effect to mute the kick drum sounds (using the new generated kick drum track as the control track). This assumes that you can get the new track exactly in time with the original track.