sub forum needed - easier to find things

some subforums would be useful
help categorise general topic areas eg realtek

i would especially like to see one with reference pointers
one place to find all those need plugins and f/x add ons
whether free or shareware – that curently have scattered references all over the other fora

someday maybe a wiki page could be started
to collect all the submissions and keep them on one page which would be even easier to use

While I agree there would be some advantages to greater categorisation, about 20% of posts are on the wrong boards already (Windows instead of Mac, Audacity 1.2.x instead of 1.3.x, Forum Issues for questions totally unrelated to the forum…) and additional boards/sub forums would only make it more complicated. I’d be happy if people just used the categories that we currently have.

Not complete, but a lot here: