Stutters while recording

Trying to record guitar track over song. after a few seconds the recording and playback speed shifts to a fraction of real time making it stutter and glitch. My microphones volume is also reset to maximum although this is not shown on the recording slider. The glitching continues until recording is stopped. There are no issues during playback. I have tried uninstalling and deleting all audacity files, still get the issue. Had no problems for around a year until today. Using version 2.3.0 on windows 10.

Any help would be appreciated.

When was the last time that you successfully used Audacity for overdub recording?

Have you tried rebooting your computer?
Is your computer / Windows fully updated?

Used it around last Friday for recording bass guitar.
Computer has been fully rebooted and is up to date. Hasn’t helped.

Have you checked updating Windows today? The reason I ask, is that my Windows machine usually records very smoothly except for if Windows tries to do, or is even just checking for updates.

Problem started on Tuesday and I have up and just left my Computer that day. Yesterday I tried it and it still wasn’t working. It would have updated if it needed to update on the Tuesday surely? I’ll try check for updates tonight but I feel that won’t be issue otherwise I probably would have encountered it previously as I’ve been using the software a long enough time.

Windows 10 has an “Update” app. Type “Update” in the “Search” section of the Windows Taskbar (bottom left of the screen).