Stuttering, tracks splitting, etc

Been having issues with playback. Nothing else is open on my computer. And now I have a brand new desktop (32gb RAM) and I’m playing back a project that has maybe 6 tracks on it and the playback stops for a millisecond then proceeds. I think that would qualify as stuttering. I changed the settings in Audacity latency to 0 with no better results.

Secondary issue and it’s been a problem for awhile and that’s the tracks splitting into mono when you move them up or down. I think it also happens when copying and pasting a stereo track but it’s making Audacity almost un-useable. I have loved this program for years and I get that they want to include new and great things but sometimes you just have to leave well enough alone. You don’t NEED to be the next FL or Ableton or whatever. Just let them damn program do what it does best because right now I can’t even hardly use it. Soooo…I’m having to now explore Wavepad, etc just to see what my alternatives are…

I did a search on this forum and saw this workaround and dang if it’s not working! Thank you whoever this is…too bad we have to go to this length to fix it but so far so good…

Yes. I know the feeling. There were some smart-clip “features” introduced in 3.2 that could contribute to these issues.

I would say revert to 3.1.3, but unfortunately your .aup3 project may already be irreversibly bloated. Let me recommend this.

1. Download and install the latest version (currently 3.3.2)
2. Load your .aup3 project
3. Ctrl-A to select everything, then Ctrl-C to “Copy”
4. File > New
5. Ctrl-V to paste everything into the new project.
6. When the “Paste audio” appears, select “Selected audio only”.


7. Then save your new project.

For some people the new project may be fractions of the size of the other one and will behave much more responsively.

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