Stuttering sound on imported mp3's

I’ve seen this in previous posts with no resolution. I have the latest 2.0.6 version which I mistakenly thought resolved the problem. The mp3 plays cleanly in iTunes but takes on a stuttering gravelly quality when played through Audacity. I’ve fooled around with sample rate but to no avail.

What sound device exactly are you using for playback? What version of OS X? Yosemite is not supported.

Have you tried adjusting “Audio to buffer” in Audacity’s Recording Preferences? That affects playback too.


Gale - This is just playing through the Macbook Pro’s (10.9.4) built-in output jack. I believe the buffer was set to 1ms, but I’m hearing this is from an externally generated mp3 that I am editing in Audacity - I assumed it is not a signal input through the buffers. Any recommendations for the buffer size?

Buffer of 1 ms is likely to be unusable. Start from 1 ms and work up from there.


5ms seems to fix it. Don’t know why it was set to 1ms - is that the default as shipped?


The default is 100 ms.