Stuttering at the beginning of longer recordings

Hello. So I’m fairly experienced using audacity. I’ve recorded around 30 longish songs with over 100 layers on some of them. I’ve had a bit of a break from recording for about 5 years and come back to it recently.

I’m now noticing that when my tracks start getting longish, it seems to stutter at the beginning of the recording. Its usually so bad that I can barely hear whats happening and when I try to record, about 90% gets ‘Dropped out’. Towards the middle of the track the stuttering seems to ease to the point where I can record again. This makes it very difficult to go back and make amends at the beginning of a track, or do an extra layer through the track. This has never happened to me previously. Is this a side effect of newer features?

Is there a way to remedy this? I’ve tried switching computers - I’m currently using a latitide 7280 which is a fairly powerful machine, this didn’t work. I’ve tried assigning maximum RAM to the programme.

The only idea I have left is to go back to a much earlier version of audacity, but would rather not if there’s another solution.

I’m having a similar problem. I use Audacity to produce a 1-hour podcast (using Win 11, i7-8700K cpu, 64GB ram, RTX3090, SSD drive). The audio master has 39 tracks. Each dialogue track (17 tracks) has VST3 effects applied (either Waves, iZotope, or both and between 2 and 6 individual effects). Each background music track (8 tracks) has 1 VST3 effect and the remaining tracks have no VST effects applied. The replay stutters for the first 7 tracks (8 or so minutes of audio) and then it plays normally. If I assemble all 39 audio tracks and have Realtime effects turned off, the audio plays normally. Stuttering on replay commences as soon as Realtime effects are turned on. In addition, there is a 22 second delay from hitting replay until the actual audio commences replaying. This is most annoying and adds an extensive amount of time to editing session. This 22 second delay is there regardless of whether Realtime effects are on or off. Any solution appreciated.
Because of other issues with Audacity 3.4.2 I have been forced back to version 3.3.3. I look forward to the bug fixes in 3.4.3 or 3.5.1 :grin:

I’m glad it’s not just me! Same here with the delay, often I’m waiting 10-20 second for it to start recording, the same delay for playback, then go through it all again if it’s not right. It’s a lot of time sitting around waiting! Unsetting all the effects has reduced the stutter though so thanks for the tip!

I’ve figured out that the delay happens when you have the project open for some time without closing it down. I think its the changes that are made like cutting and pasting, undoing etc that creates the massive delay. I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in delay time when I close it all down and re-open.

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