Stutter on exported mp3 format

hi all

after exporting a spoken word recording from audacity in mp3 format - i played the result in Windows Media Player (using Win 7) - the audio shows a pronounced stutter to each word - how do i correct this; i exported at 128kbps - should i go higher of use another format?

No. That should have worked. Does the show play correctly in Audacity? No distortion or other problems? Export a portion of the show as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit PCM format and try that. Koz

And just to be clear, this isn’t the final solution. It’s a test. Did you speak the spoken word? Koz

thanks for the advice, the spoken word is a drama play pre-recorded and released by the BBC with a full cast playing the parts - when playing in Audacity the sounds are fine, it is only on export that this stutter occurs - i will try the export in wav format

Another thing you might try is pulling the MP3 back into Audacity and see if it plays.