Stuck in playback

Audacity 2.1.2 installer on Windows 7

I’ve been using this version since release and this foible has only developed over the past month, it is intermittent and occurs with fresh projects as well large multi track old ones.

Happens roughly a couple of times a day.

Playback is engaged and then can’t be stopped.
Sometimes it continues for 30 secs or more likely a minute, other times not until
the end of the project is reached.

During this time the entire interface is locked and doesn’t respond to clicks.
Mostly the audio continues but sometimes it goes silent as the progress bar continues moving forward.

If left alone it tends to clear itself. Its not a cpu or memory issue and I tend to save work frequently.

A fresh install would likely clear it but thought I’d ask if there was anything else I
could look at first

It’s not really known about. Is it standard play, or Timeline Quick-Play, or scrubbing (CTRL + left-click in the waveform)?

Is it a USB playback device? If so, rebooting the computer may help. Have you tried SPACE on the keyboard as well as the Stop button?

You could exit Audacity, create a “Portable Settings” folder (no quotes in the name) where Audacity is installed, then launch Audacity and it will have fresh settings. If that doesn’t help, delete or rename the Portable Settings folder and Audacity will use your old settings again.


I mainly use:
Left click on the waveform to select start position followed by space bar
Timeline Quickplay
Select section of waveform then space bar

It can also happen after clicking play button on various effects

No Usb involved.

I’ll try creating the Portable Folder, that’s a nice feature.