Struggling to record instrument sounds

My setup is a Rode microphone connected to a Scarlett Solo, which is then connected by USB to my laptop. I’m trying to record the sound of my guitar amp for a project I’m working on, and while I know I could just connect the guitar directly to the solo and amplify the input with a plugin, I’d prefer to just record the amp outright. However, I can’t seem to make it record the sound of the amp competently. Whenever I try, the result ends up being a quick spike of sound, if even that, followed up by muffled, garbled, or sometimes even completely muted noise. It’s not just the amp either, trying to record pretty much any instrument has the same result. However, it can pick up my voice perfectly fine. Anybody know what’s causing this?

Probably Windows “Enhancements” trying to “fix-up” the sound while you’re recording.

Yep, turning it off seems to have done the trick. Thanks!

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