Struggling to export audio file

Hello :slight_smile:

I downloaded & installed Audacity 3.0.0 today and have been trying and failing to save an audio file. I’ve experimented using ‘Export as MP3’, ‘Export as WAV’ and ‘Export Audio…’

What I do:
File>Export>Export as MP3>Save

Then the error message that comes up at this point:
File not found
Check the filename and try again.

Any advice on how to resolve this please?

Thank you!

You should be careful of the characters you use in the filename.

Upper and lower case letters, numbers, -dash- and underscore. Those are safe characters to use in filenames. If you use dates, they should be in ISO format. Today is 2021-03-18. Do Not use slashmarks anywhere in a filename.


Okay, thank you!

I just tried again using the automatically generated file name, untitled.mp3, and my computer sent me a notification.
I think the computer is blocking Audacity, will quickly try and see if changing some settings might help.

Yay! After trying again, keeping your advice in mind, I saw a notification from the computer that it blocked Audacity from accessing a file. So after giving Audacity file access everything seems fine now. Thank you!!

That’s interesting.
What was blocking Audacity from accessing the file? (Where / how did you give Audacity file access?)