strong static sounds when recording multitrack


Does anybody know how to remove the strong static ( or something that makes some recordings go FZZZZ with a very robotic tone to it)
It’s truly frustrating…

Thank you!

Does anybody know how to remove the strong static

Probably not. It’s safe to assume that nobody can fix a bad or damaged track. We have to prevent you from making new ones. It’s very important that you follow basic recording rules. Never run the red recording meters all the way up during the performance, always wear headphones during a live recording, never apply effects that make the blue waves fill the timeline top to bottom.

This is a perfect live recording.

Does your timeline look like that?

Past that we need to know a lot more about what you’re doing. Are you overdubbing with a USB microphone?

Are you using the built-in MacBook microphone?


Thank you for replying!

I always use headphones when I’m recording.
I use the built-in mic; i’m just confused because this didn’t happen with my older computer (older macbook)
I’m not sure what’s exactly wrong because my mic level is pretty low and the levels seem normal or at least not where it should be cracking…