Strip Background Hiss?

I have a recording from my iphone (m4a) which contains the voices I want on it (family), but it also contains a lot of hiss, so you have to turn the volume all the way up just to hear the voices over the hiss. This recording is now on my imac.

Can I use audacity to get rid of the hiss?

I can’t recall what caused that hiss to get captured. Maybe a kitchen appliance.

Thanks for any help.

OS 10.14.4
Aud 2.3.0

The effect you want is called Noise Reduction. Here is the manual page describing how to use it.
Noise reduction may fail if the noise is not constant, or is too loud.
– Bill

It also needs a portion of the show that’s noise-only to give Noise Reduction an idea what to remove. That’s the Profile step. If there is no portion, then Noise Reduction will either fail or produce damaged sound.

Extreme noise reduction jobs fail because you can’t hear the quality of the noise. If any voice is included in the profile by accident, Noise Reduction will try to remove the voice, too.

I had an awful time getting sound work off my phone and onto the Mac. iTunes isn’t a lot of help. How did you do it?