stretching out a 1-second word for 10 seconds?

Windows 10, 1903

If I record a woman speaking one word and put it on Audacity, how can I make that in to a 10-second duplicate, and keep the same pitch, without it sounding like the same word spoken 10 times in a row?

Not really possible, sadly… You’ll have to get that word recorded 10 times. Sadly you can’t alter a voice and it’s intonations without changing something such as the formant or pitch or just re-recording it so you get the desired result!

If you want this as an “effect”, rather than someone actually talking very slowly, try these three effects (they each produce a different kind of effect): (try both the HQ and non-HQ settings) (literally “slows down” the selected audio) (really cool effect, but not at all “natural” sounding)

Go Granular …

Thanks, I’ll give it a try! :slight_smile: