"Stretching" a file's payback duration.

“Stretching” a file’s payback duration. No really, bear with me . . . I occasionally have to slow a ‘spoken word’ file during playback to be able to understand the reader but the ability to do this is only available to me when using VLC. It occurred to me that if I could lengthen the playback duration by ‘stretching’ the file & saving it, I would be able to play the file appropriately using any application, or in my case, a walkman for instance. I appreciate that this is a little obscure but would appreciate any help /suggestions. Thanks!

Effect > Change Tempo.

Effect > Change Tempo and Effect > Change Pitch are the two (of three) that are the most likely to damage the sound. Those have to rip the sound apart, change only some of the characteristics and jam everything back together. There will be some errors.

The third one, Effect > Change Speed has fewer errors. It works like speeding up or slowing down a record. That’s the one you would use if you used a sound recorder for high quality sound and a video recorder for a YouTube show and the sound recorder was very slightly off, but they had to match later in the editor. Match everything up with little or no distortion.


Genius!!! Effect>Change Speed works an absolute treat! Changes overall duration, saves down & plays back perfectly. Thank you so much!!!