Streaming track break recording?

I don’t even know what it’s called. If I’m
recording, I can stop and restart on a
new track by using spacebar then “r”,
but there’s a brief moment when there’s
nothing being recorded on the current
track. Is there a way to continue the
recording stream, yet break the current
recording into a new track?

I looked in the active menus while a
recording was active, but there are no
options given for any kind of streaming
track break.


Dr Doug

Stopping and restarting will always cause a break in the audio.

Use Tracks > Add Label at Playback Position (which also works while recording), then after stopping use those labels to cut the one track into several.

Why are you trying to create separate tracks? If we know that we may be able to suggest other things you could do.

– Bill

If you want the second recording to be a separate track I think all you need to do is click on the Stop button and then on the Record button. But, as Bill has enquired of you: knowing why you want to do it might allow us to identify a better solution for you.