Streaming through the app

Windows 10 Pro. Audacity 2.3.2. hello I downloaded this program because it has access to the WASAPI since I’m on an old refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad and my stereo mix will not display no matter what I do with driver settings or codecs. I tried rolling back to 2013 even still wouldn’t complete the install on the driver. I was trying to use this application to stream music live to my friends online so they don’t hear me talking over it and to avoid any really high hiss accoustic feedback. Is this even possible or is this for recording only I tried tinkering around for a few hours tonight to try to get the correct source on either side but ended up running into Echo loops or no sound at all. I was able to broadcast with stereo quality alone at one point but that’s as far as I got. On my old laptop I used to be able to select stereo mix as my microphone and then I can just play music through there. So I’m not trying to record anything I’m just wondering if there is a way I can configure this to where I can stream for a few friends on Skype. I feel like I was getting close but I figured I would ask the experts after trying for 3 hours. Is there any way to make the program work in such a way or perhaps does anybody have any insight on the WASAPI so I can have a stereo mix / line in again as a microphone choice?

Audacity is an audio production program and doesn’t do very much in real time. That and it doesn’t always get along with other sound programs like games or game routing.

You might be able to use a program which makes additional sound pathways. I think Voicemeeter can do that.