streaming records lossless in real time

Call me crazy but what I want to do is have Audacity record from an analog input (record player) and in real time create flac or wave (lossless) files that can be streamed on my local network to other digital sound sources (eg slimdevices). Has anyone done anything like this?


You’re crazy

<<<in real time create flac or wave (lossless) files>>>

Audacity creates its capture snippets in real time and then waits for you to tell it what to do with them; the choices being continue to capture, edit, or export to a stand-alone sound format. So right away, you’re out of the real time neighborhood.

Many people want Audacity to do real time stuff and it’s just not in its genes. “Can I make audacity equalize a live performance in real time? No.”

I’m betting you can play your show to a streaming server and have Audacity capture the performance in real time by clever use of the sound panel, but then export a sound file just as normal.


Thanks Koz - you mentioned a streaming server solution

I’m betting you can play your show to a streaming server

Do you recommend any real time lossless streaming solutions?


Icecast supports FLAC

<<<lossless streaming solutions? >>>

I doubt you’re going to find anybody that can support lossless anything. Streaming suggests that there will be holes and occasional interruptions in the performance and/or the streams will be compressed to allow many of them without it costing billions of dollars for server machines and internet connections. You can send a show to someone in perfect order, but you have to do it by slow receipt confirmation services like FTP and encapsulating technologies like ZIP, ARC, and Stuffit.


I think the question was about streaming over a local network rather than over the internet.


Still, we have a crusher network, and we still pull stuff over as files and play locally. If it’s a busy network, there’s going to be holes in the performance. If you set the Streaming Quality of Service to a very high number, everybody else’s jobs on the network will stop dead or slow down and you will not be very popular.

We still run copper digital signal wires all over the building for a reason. We need pictures or music to get from here to there in perfect uncompressed condition and there’s a client standing there with a checkbook.

I wish I could remember what the AES/EBU bitrate was for two channels. Let’s see, one minute at 48000/16 will give you a 10MB file. That’s 80 megabits, divide by 60 seconds to get 1.333 megabits per second transmission speed. Theory has it that should go down a 10-baseT network very well, but It Still Bothers Me that the poster insists on uncompressed transmission. It’s like the person who wants to know where the fire extinguishers are and won’t tell you why.


Here’s somebody making a box that will do this.