Stream with Audacity

I would like to stream with a voice modifier, but I can’t get the desired result with all the free vocal live changers that I tried.
However, Audacity does the job very well.
Is it possible to live stream with OBS while using the sound output I get from Audacity ?

Audacity doesn’t do live. Post-production only.

There must be a way to work around that.
If somebody knows how to capture the output channel of Audacity with OBS, please let me know.

If all you want to do is to capture Audacity playback in OBS, then you can do that the same way as recording any other app in OBS. Refer to the OBS documentation for details.

I doubt that very much. Audacity does not have the ability to stream an effect from live input.

Sorry, I meant that Audacity does the job very well at modifying my voice the way I want.
I tested it on an audio sample I made, and I just assumed it was possible to stream in one way or another.
It looks like I’ll have to find something else.
Thank you all for your answers.