Strange wave form

All of a sudden, with no reason (I think) the program no longer wants to record the way it was before. If I enter an older recording, everything is fine, but when I start recording, instead of the normal waveform like here ( Step 3: Look at the waveform - Tutorial) a very weak waveform is displayed, almost a thin thread, and when I check the quality of the recording, it is too weak.
I didn’t reset anything, I downloaded the latest version, but it’s the same.
Kindly ask for advice.
Thank you.

I found the problem, but still do not know how it happened. :woozy_face:
The waveform should be logarihtmic and not linear.

Actually the default waveform display is linear (-1 to +1). This relates to the actual digital samples which are stored linearly and it’s how waveforms are usually shown. (A sine wave looks like a sine wave when graphed linearly.)

Somewhere below -40dB (1/100th of full scale) the wave gets too small to see (linearly).

The “meters” are dB (logarithmic).

What are you recording from? You MAY have some sort of problem…

Don’t judge the sound quality by how it looks… :wink: Does it sound OK when you run the Amplify effect?

The usual recommendation is to record with peaks hitting around -3 to -6dB (about 75% to 50%). But digital recording levels aren’t that critical and it depends on the predictably of what you’re recording. Nothing bad happens when you get close to 0dB but you’ll get clipping (distortion) if you “try” to go over. Pros typically record between -12 and -18dB, leaving plenty of headroom. You can amplify after recording.

But low levels are sometimes an indication of an analog or acoustic problem.

Thanks for the kind explanation. But I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about, because I’m computer and music illiterate. For what I record (short stories for children), the little knowledge I have is enough for me, so now that I’ve found the “error”, I’m quite happy. Thanks again!