Strange Sounds? from Newbie

Audacity 2.1.2 -
Windows 10 Home - 64 bit. Version 1607 OS build 14393.321

I’m a newbie playing with audio files for the first time. It’s a big learning curve but I’m having Fun. The files are recorded from my security camera (Funlux wIfI camera’s) in h.264 format. I start Audacity and start recording. Then I play the .264 files in the Zviewer program. The audio from Zviewer is recorded in Audacity (I don’t know, it just works) I’m using the internal Realtek High Definition devices with the latest drivers. After Audacity captures the audio from the player, I begin my adventures learning Audacity.

The recordings are first Normalized to 0 with other options unchecked. After that I use compress or amplify to increase volume. After starting there, I start learning.

The Problem I’m having is; I’m very strange sounds on playback (and ignorance to extract a person’s voice talking/whispering/yelling.)

That recording is unrecoverable trash as far as normal audio editing software is concerned.

If the recording is for a court case, please use your favourite search engine to look for “audio forensics” specialists. For a fee, they will use special tools to recover as much material as possible from covert recordings and will advise if the material is likely to be legally admissible.

If the video files also contain audio, then If you install FFmpeg, you may be able to drag the video files straight into Audacity and FFmpeg will extract the audio from the file. This might save re-recording the audio.

If it is necessary to record Zviewer audio playback, do this by following Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows. This will give much better results than recording from the internal mic of the computer, which is probably what Audacity defaults to.