Strange sound when recording

Hy, my pc is provided with windows 10 32 bits, and I’m using Audacity 2.1.2
The problem is:
Continuing the recording of voice (shift + R) it appears a “click” or a “thud” sometimes when I start speaking. That not appears a sound produced by me or the ambiance, and it is not always that it happens. Sometimes yes, sometimes not. Never happens at the start of recording, only when, after interrupt the recording, I re-start. What is going on? Could someone help me? Thanks a lot.

Append-recording, generally speaking, does not create clicks where you restart recording.

I take it you are sure that the noise is not the SHIFT key on the keyboard?

Could you tell us exactly what mic you are using (make and model number, and how it connects to the computer) and upload about 6 seconds of WAV file that demonstrates the issue? 3 seconds before the restart and 3 seconds after restart would be good.

Please see How to post an audio sample.


There is another condition that can cause this. If you have DC “wandering” or very low level hum on your voice, you may not hear it in normal production, but you won’t be able to edit or cut two different pieces of performance together without thumps and clicks. Further it’s the luck of the draw whether or not it will happen.

So yes, do post some of the raw work.


Hy, guys, answering your questions:

  1. That’s my microphone:
  2. It’s connected to my sound board by a p2 plug (behind de computer); the cord is too short, so I use an extension cord, of one meter more.
  3. The noise produced (I wonder, practically sure) is not a “sound” recorded, like the noise of pressing the shift key, it seems to be something electronic sometimes, and sometimes like a “echo”, a “resound” of a very little piece of recording (that I did not do), as it was at the memory of the computer, so speaking.

The problem is random: I do recordings of audiobooks for blinds in mp3 files, a voluntary work, and Audacity works properly for a while, without “odd sounds”, then, all of a sudden, it begins to show the “thuds” and “cliks”, with no apparent causes… and later works bad again. It happens mostly when I stop recording and re-start, at this interval between two periods of recording. Rarely, but happens too, at the beginning or a new aup file, a new recording. A mistery.
It seems that it happens after a while of recording, not just when I start to work. Something like a car that starts well, and with after some kilometers running, shows the problem…

I didn’t understand what is DC WANDERING, and I’m sure I don’t have a low level hum in my voice.
I send you three samples of mp3 files, the “thud” or “click” is in the middle, at the interval. In all samples occurred the same: I started, then I made a stop, and then I re-started to record.
Thank you all for helping me. Me and brazilian blinds thanks a lot…

Audacity has a bug with Append Record that if Transport > Overdub is on, it intermittently plays fragments of previous recording on that track. The fragments can then get recorded. So turn Overdub off and see if it helps.

If that does not help, does removing the extension cord make any difference?

By DC wandering, Koz means DC offset where the centre line of the recording is above or below 0.0 on the vertical waveform scale. You don’t seem to have that issue.


Well, Gale, thanks very much. I turned off the OVERDUBE (what is that?) and now I will work with this new option a while, and see what happens.
Did nothing about the cord at the moment, let’s see the recording without the OVERDUBE.
I’ll will let you and all friends know what will go on, at this next week.
Have a nice sunday.

Overdub lets you hear a track that already exists when recording a new track. It is for example for people who record a guitar solo then record their voice while listening to the guitar part.


Well, well, well, folks, sorry about that, but the problem is not solved. Overdube in, or overdube out, there is no difference, the noises when stopping and re-starting recording happens, not always, but sometimes, randomly.
Any ideas, please?
I did uninstall and re-install Audacity too, nothing new. Complicated.
Thanks for help.

Did you try without that extension cord?

If you get the problem with Overdub off then presumably it is your equipment or sound card that is the problem and not Audacity.

How long does it take after you press SHIFT + R for the noise to happen?

Does if help if you start speaking sooner after you press SHIFT + R? Your speech might cover up the noise.

Have you turned off all enhancements for the headset in Windows Sound -

Have you tried a different Host choice in Device Toolbar?


I tried without the extension cord. It worked. Then I tried again, just in case, with the extension cord. It worked too. No influence, I think.
It might really be a problem of my PC, I understand. I tried to renew my drivers of Intel mother board (with sound) and there are not new drivers, I’m up to date.
The noise happens immediately when I re-start recording, using mouse is the same. I can’t be so fast recording to cover the noise, it would be like close and lock the drawer, but with the key inside.
The enhancements do not cause any trouble like mine, I guess.

Well, like I said, the problem is random, and do not happens always. When it begins to happen, from nothing at all, I re-start the PC and usually it works well. That is really a mystery, my friends, and life goes on…

What do you mean with " Have you tried a different Host choice in Device Toolbar?"
Thanks again.

Your recordings are extraordinarily quiet just before the ‘clunk’. Much quieter than I would expect from the set-up that you describe. I think there must be some sort of “noise reduction” effect happening, and the “clunk” is probably caused by that effect kicking in.
Look again at the Windows sound enhancement settings to be sure that you have not missed one. Also, some sound cards have their own control panel with effects, so look for that too.

Did you click the link Device Toolbar ? I meant change the Audio Host in that toolbar.

Did you use Audacity Noise Reduction on the sample you posted?