Strange save/delete effect

Hi peeps
I’m Jezz and I have just come across a strange one, I opened Audacity a week or so ago, imported an MP3 that I made many years ago, Bean Bag Rock, spent the afternoon making up other tracks and when I closed it, it was gone, all my work. I’ve used it several times since with no problem but today it happened again, same song! Experiments have now shown that if I create a project everything is fine unless the project is called “Bean bag rock”, in which case it will delete every file in that directory of that name, including the MP3, even a .DOCX file. I tried calling the project “Something bag rock”, “New Track”, “Dean bag rock” all with no problem, works fine, but as soon as I call a project “Bean bag rock”, it deletes it as soon as I exit Audacity. I am bewildered. Whilst I work perfectly successfully on “_Bean bag rock” could someone please explain?
Jezz Barwick
A fan of Audacity.

The boy in blue put a curse on it: