Strange noise. CPU?


Since I’ve upgraded my system, I’ve noticed noise on the line coming out of my PC. I am coming out of the speakers into my mixing console. That way when I’m on a skype call for the podcast I can mix my mic and skype on the console and back into the PC via Line In. When there is silence I hear this sort of digital flickering. I have attached file.

I’ve disabled all other recording devices and output devices. I vaguely remember reading something (on here?) about a BIOS setting to stop CPU intervals?

Any suggestions?


Since I’ve upgraded my system

From what to what? Which soundcard are you using? Nobody is going to throw awards at PC soundcards for high quality unless you specifically bought them that way and paid extra. Most built-in soundcards are just enough to make a Skype call…

…and no more. New computers not entertainment production machines.

So where we go next depends on the description of the machine. No you can’t stop the CPU cycles, but there may be steps if you’re on a laptop.


New box. so new motherboard, case, cpu etc.

ASRock FM2A85X Extreme4 Motherboard:
AMD A10 5800K 4-Core Processor
Corsair CMX8GX3M1A1333C9 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 x 2 (so 16gb).

I’m using the onboard. One thing i’ve noticed with this MB is that when you plug something in, it doesn’t give you the prompt of “what have you plugged in” like my older Gigabyte motherboard used to. That way you could force an input to be line level rather than a speaker out etc.

If it means I need an external sound card then so be it. I have an Mbox here but I find it limiting. Would need a soundcard that Skype will detect too.