Strange mode

I don’t know how I get into this mode but once in this mode if I click everything sort of shrinks, or it sort of shows a decreasing or increasing section.
The image shows the “problem” I’m having. I’ve gotten into this “strange” mode, doing something but I don’t know what it’s doing.

  1. How did I get into this mode? (What is it doing?)

  2. More importantly, how do I get out of it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I really only need the basics, increase/decrease volume, save recall files, cut/copy/paste sections.

Whatever this mode is I don’t need it and if there’s a way to turn it off so I can never get into it again that would be fine with me.


You’ve switched on MultiTool
AudacityProblem (MultiTool).png
Click on

to return to normality.

Thanks, that doesn’t automatically revert all my inadvertent changes back to the way things were, which is really what I wanted, a global “UNDO” switch to get me out of this mode and return everything to the way it was before my fat fingers activated this mode and then made all these strange changes. You’re pointing this out has helped and I noticed that there’s another tool called the “Envelope Tool,” above and to the left which looks more like little arrows up/down pinching that seems to be more like what’s happening. With your pointing this out I noticed I can undo my changes with either of these selecting around the initial location change indicator and pulling it back up to where it looks more normal.

Now, if anyone knows of a global “UNDU” command to undo everything I did I’d love to know about it.

I also noticed, finally, what you mean by the “I” tool it is the top left “Selection Tool” that turns off the other tools and puts me back into the mode I want to be in.

Thanks again, this definitely helps.

“Ctrl + Z” will undo the last change to the project (Also at the top of the “Edit” menu). Repeated use will step backwards through the Undo History.
It does not affect other things such as which tool you currently have selected.