Strange Key (J & K) during label creation

Audacity 2.0,2
Windows 7 … current patches

Been away from Audacity for a while and decided to rip some old christmas albums.

I start audacity and rip, label and export 1 or 2 albums then on the next album, whenever I have a J or j or k or K in the label data it acts like I have Shift-Home or Shift-End. All the previous or next data gets highlighted. The letters do not appear in the label.

If i shut down Audacity then start again it works for a couple of albums then the same thing happens.

I have closed most all programs … but don’t have a clue what is going on.

Thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Any information needed please let me know


Thanks, but it’s a known bug - please see the 2.0.2 Release Notes for workarounds.


Thanks for the quick reply … didn’t find it in a search but the link to the release notes showed it.

Not critical … just annoying

Thanks again