Strange interference with mic

I’m recently bought I pair of Coolermaster CM Strom Pulse-R hedphones.
I’ve used the detachable microphone to chat with friends over skype before, and they said that it had a strange buzzing noise, but it was tolerable, so I thought nothing of it.
I recently wanted to start a Youtube channel, so I opened audacity and did a quick recording to test the mic.
It came out sounding horrible, with a constant mechanical whirring, beeping, and a low hum.
The recording I attached is with mic boost turned up.
With mic boost off, the noise is quieter, but the mic can barely pick up my voice.
I’ve got an MSI Z97 Gaming 3 motherboard, with my headset and mic both plugged into the motherboard’s inbuilt audio jacks.
Before this, I had it plugged into the case’s inbuilt audio and mic jacks, but moved to the motherboard’s ones because there was lots of strange audio coming through.

Some specs:
MB: MSI Z97 Gaming 3
OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k
PSU: Rapidmax RX-850AE (850W)
GPU: 2x R9 270X

The “awful noise” is electrical interference from inside your computer.
My guess is that your computer is not configured to use the headset mic, but is actually using an internal mic on your laptop, or a web cam mic.

In Audacity, the recording input is set in the device toolbar.

I have no other mic.
I’m not using a laptop, and I don’t have a webcam.

Try the headset on a different machine. It may be malfunctioning.

That would be really unfortunate.
I just bought these. :frowning:

Do you still have the receipt?

I believe so.