Strange frequency through microphone

Hey all! I’m having major problems with my microphone, as it has been giving me really bad frequency lately. Before you ask, I HAVE tried noise removal and it only removes this frequency when there are no vocals, strangely.

My microphone is plugged into my vocal amp, and that is plugged into the computer with a USB connector. It is plugged into the back of the computer. I have a very nice PG48 Shure microphone (with a popper stopper) and a Powerworks PW50 amplifier.

I have always had this frequency issue, but, until recently, have been able to fix it by turning my amplifier all the way up and the recording volume on my PC very close to zero. The frequency’s volume is the volume of the recording volume on the PC, while the actual volume of the vocals were significantly louder, since the amp was on full blast. This semi-effectively removed the frequency.

Now, the same thing is still happening, but the frequency is too loud regardless of what I do to the volume settings. This happened ever since I updated my Realtek HD audio drivers. As of late, I have not been able to move any of my sliders (Stereo Mix, Line In, etc.) other than the master volume. This has also killed my ability to record Let’s Play videos through Bandicam, and it claims that my sound card is not capable of recording audio. That obviously is not true. Either way, that’s an entire different story, and a massive Realtek problem.

I’ve searched far and wide on the internet for some kind of answer to this Realtek problem, but have found no solutions.

So now I’m asking you if there is a temporary solution, maybe some kind of effect in Audacity, that will remove this high, unstable, strange frequency from being heard (or at least from being too loud). If you can find a permanent solution, that would be great.

I have to put out some new music very soon for a multitude of reasons, and I don’t want to put it out sounding like complete garbage.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Noise Removal doesn’t usually do what everybody wants. It removes noise perfectly as long as you’re not speaking or removes noise from everything and distorts voices. Pick one.

Make a really bad recording and post a little of it here so we can taste it.


For some extremely strange reason, it fixed itself!! I have no idea what happened, and I didn’t turn off my computer this whole time. Guess I’ll just milk it as long as I can xD

Although, there are still no sliders for my Realtek stuff. I have fixed the problem for my voice recording and am going straight through my amp now instead of through my amp and then Realtek, so I can still sing now, but I still can’t do let’s plays :stuck_out_tongue: oh well!