Strange flutter sounds happen towards end of recording

When I record something for an extended period of time over 15 min, there is a strange fluttery sound that happens. It is only when there is talking so I cannot isolate it. I tried leaving the laptop unplugged to remove the possibly of the power cord. I also make sure all other programs are closed. Not sure what else to do. I have an old macbook pro 2009 running Yosemite. I also have audacity crash frequently but not sure if that is related. Again it only happens towards the end of recordings, the first part is perfect.

The recording is through the headphone jack usually plugged into a speaker output (recording live speeches) or stereo output (recording previous recordings on cassette tapes) (happens on both). Any help would be much appreciated. I have attached a short sample of the issue.


Please, look in the pink panel at the top of the page and tell us your version of Audacity. You should be using 2.1.0 from Audacity versions before that are not compatible with Yosemite.

2.1.0 may not necessarily solve the clicky dropouts on its own without adjustment. Please open Audacity > Preferences… then the Recording section and reduce “Audio to buffer” to zero (0). Try recording. It probably won’t record. Increase buffer to 10 milliseconds, then in 10 millisecond increments until you can record. Then see if that fixes the clickiness.

Does it crash during recording or when you save a project or export? Say whether it is save or export.

Please attach a crash report for one of the crashes where you can recall what happened. Open Finder. Choose Go > Go to Folder and type:


The crash reports are in there. Note that is the system Library not your user Library. Please see here for how to attach files:

Do you mean that is the only audio port you have and that when you do not connect an input to it, it functions as an output (so you can connect speakers to it)?