Strange echo when using the latest build of audacity

As the title suggest there is a strange echo when playing back MP3 files using the recommended FFMPEG file. This echo is heard when playing back the audio sample and are not related to any effects put on the sample. I played the audio sample on an external audio playback app and it sounds fine. However in audacity there is a very slight hint of reverb. It throws me off as I need to find the perfect sample to set as loop point. The echo is not due to the left and right channels being out of sync. I Split the two and muted one. The echo is still there.

This link is a video demonstrating the unmodified audio sample having reverb.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a fix?

Edit: I forgot to add the software information. Windows version: 21H2 (Build 22000.194) Audacity Version: 3.0.4

I love it. Brilliant left to right stereo picture. Must be my headphones (DT100 these are more for reference) could do a little boost around 40hz.

Oh, by the way, couldn’t hear any strange echo. Sounded good.