strange delay

Spero ci sia qualche persona italiano altrimenti sotto trovate il messaggio tradotto da google traduttore

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Ho uno strano problema quando registro con audacity. In sostanza è un ritardo ma non è un ritardo che fa all’inizio ma solo nelle lunghe registrazioni. Io registro gameplay quindi monto il tutto tramite sony vegas. Nella prima mezz’ora l’audio di audacity è perfettamente sincronizzato con quello di obs. Quando registro però per un’ora o 2 ore il ritardo si fa sentire sempre di più. Dopo 40 min il ritardo è di circa 0,04ms. Dopo un’ora e mezza il ritardo è di circa 0,15. Uso Win 10 e ho un pc performante, da una settimana circa ho questo problema, prima mai avuto. Cosa può essere? Aiuto!

I have a strange problem when I record with audacity. Basically it is a delay but it is not a delay that it does at the beginning but only in long recordings. I record gameplay then edit it through sony vegas. In the first half hour the audio of audacity is perfectly synchronized with that of obs. But when I record for an hour or 2 hours the delay is felt more and more. After 40 min the delay is about 0.04ms. After an hour and a half the delay is about 0.15. I use Win 10 and I have a high-performance PC, I have had this problem for about a week, never before. What can it be? Help!

My guess is that your sound card and video card are running with slightly different clock speeds. You can probably fix the recording using the “Change Speed” effect.

Meanwhile, I thank you from my heart. It seems that at least for one track he managed to solve the problem with a slowdown of the track of 0.004%. Among the many tests I also tried 0.003% and 0.005% but they didn’t go well. With 0.004% it is not perfect but almost. The course ranges from a duration of 42m 07,683s to 42m 07,784s. It seems like a very small difference but it actually ruined all the audio.

I don’t understand why you cause me this problem ONLY boldly. I record my voice with the logitech program, obs and audacity, yet only the latter gives me problems and not all the programs as I expected, can you tell me why?

I actually had a weird problem with my video card for a while (I have a 1080). I have often had problems restarting my computer because the monitor did not start. This did not happen if I normally turned off the computer and then turned it back on. I had problems with Sony Vegas crashing. I had trouble using animated contours for the webcam and it crashed there too. In fact, I’ve had other strange problems. I solved the problem by disconnecting the monitor cable from the first DP port of the video card and inserting it into the third. The global problem could have arisen from there, the times seem to coincide. How can I solve?

P.S. I don’t know if it can be useful but I still use two monitors. The first is a Dell U2414Hb UltraSharp monitor which is the one I changed the DP port to.
As a second monitor I use a 20-inch television connected via VGA to a DVI-D adapter which then connects to the video card.

P.S.S Applying the same effect to a track of 1h and 20m unfortunately the result is very different … Consequently doing only the speed change does not solve the problem


We can’t fix your hardware.
Audacity can fix a track that is at the wrong speed with the “Change Speed” effect.

sorry but why should the problem be of a hardware nature?

Because Audacity doesn’t do anything to the show during recording. No effects, filters, modifications, or corrections. Whatever arrives to be recorded gets recorded.

Audacity does get its sound from Windows, not whatever device or interface you’re using. So sometimes Windows can cause problems and it looks like Audacity is doing it.

This is also where Applications can cause problems. Skype, Zoom and the other chat programs make changes to the sound system and you can’t stop them. Sometimes the changes remain after Zoom closes. Some people leave Zoom going in the background while they record and that is just begging for trouble.

Effect > Change Speed has one feature you might like. At the bottom of the control panel, you can type the current length of the show and the length you want it to be.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 5.09.07 PM.png
You don’t have to guess at the 0.004 correction multiplier. You can let Audacity guess for you.

Sony Vegas crashing— the monitor did not start— I’ve had other strange problems.

You are describing a very unstable video system. After each system crash, you should restart the computer from a predictable, stable state a second time to make sure the crash didn’t break anything or leave any damage behind. If you don’t do that, you’re setting yourself up for the next crash or show failure.


Do you record in Audacity via your sound card and in OBS via your video card? If this is true, you are recording with two independent hardware clocks and that could account for the difference in the shows. I believe this is what steve suggested originally. It is very easy to correct for this error in the way koz has outlined.