strange cracks on start recording even without voice

Hi everyone,

I need a help about audacity recording

operating s. : win 7

sound card : conexant smart audio hd

Audacity version : 2.1.3

my problem photo in the diagram in attachments
Thank you

If you’re running any applications in the background, try closing them. And, try increasing [u]Latency / Buffer size[/u].

I can’t tell if that’s a “digital glitch”, but most digital noise during recording is caused by buffer overflow (where the buffer fills-up before the operating system get’s around to reading it). A large buffer helps, as does freeing-up the CPU from other applications/processes, and a faster CPU can help although any modern PC is fast enough for “regular stereo” recording.

I tried what you suggested but the problem still occurs

By the way this problem doesn’t occur with the same mic. (speedlink) in the windows voice recorder , and also doesn’t occur with P.c internal mic. in Audacity>

I dont know how to fix it , please help

Thank you

Please Help me

I want to solve my problem please help me.

Thank you

You’re trying to record your voice with a clip-on microphone that is plugged into the microphone mini-jack socket of your computer. Is that correct?

Please post a short audio sample (just a few seconds) in WAV format. See here for how to post an audio sample: