Strange behaviour 2.1.2 name export

Tested with Audacity 2.1.2 on OSX 10.9.5 Mavericks.

There are two separate naming issues.

  1. Export name
    When I export an audio file, the name offered in the dialog box, is from a previous, deleted track. The first on in the project. The project itself hasn’t been saved. Several tracks were imported and deleted. When I tried exporting, only one track was in the project, though.

When one export has been completed successfully, the name is correct on a second export. When I import a second track and export that, the problem surfaces again, even after deleting the first track and after saving the project.

  1. Copy name from track
    Furthermore, if I click in the track window’s upper left corner to show the name of the track (that is correct) and try to copy the name with command-c, it closes the window and nothing gets copied.


For the export file name you are offered the name you see in the Audacity title bar. This is normal.

If you see something else, please give exact steps to reproduce the problem starting from quit Audacity, delete audacity.cfg and restart Audacity.

Yes thanks, it’s a minor regression on 2.1.1. You also can’t COMMAND + C to copy names (or COMMAND + V to paste names) in file save dialogues.

In all these cases, right-click or CTRL-click then choose the Copy or Paste item as appropriate.


Thx, Gale. It’s no biggie. It’s just that I’m a copy-and-paste keyboard jockey :smiley: