Strange audio on previously recorded stuff..

…with version 2.1.0 on Win10/64. What’s happening is that previously recorded MP3s, possibly prior to Win10, Are filling the tracks all the way when importing, and the cursor, when the space bar is pressed, will zip through the recording in three to four seconds and I can’t find a way to make them run at the proper speeds. I can squeeze the volume in the tracks to where it looks normal, but nothing changes. It’s only begun with the advent of Win10. Any thoughts appreciated.

Historically what did that was they’re not MP3. Audacity encounters a file type it doesn’t recognize and plays it as if it wasn’t a compressed file. The difference between the normal length of the file and what you got is the compression value. Windows helpfully hides the filename extension from you , so you can’t tell what kind of file you have.

If you can force Win10 to reveal the correct filename, I would do that as a first step.

If, as I suspect, it’s not an MP3, you can still open it, but you should install the FFmpeg software. Scroll down.


Also, the current Audacity version is 2.1.3. You can obtain it from