Storing Labels Within .WAV Files


Just wondering if anyone has considered the possibility of storing the label data that we might create in a project within the actual .WAV file instead of a separate .TXT file. I believe that label data can be included as part of the .WAV file ‘parameters/specs’ and can be passed from one audio editor to another.



.WAV file ‘parameters/specs’ and can be passed from one audio editor to another.

Any audio editor that’s expecting label data to be included in parameters/specs. Can you overload it? Can you have so many labels that the data doesn’t fit? I bet this skews the file size estimates.

As a sometime content creator for paying customers, I’m horrified at any effort to “improve” WAV format. BWF and AIFF were enough, thanks. I have personally been a victim of a sound producer who delivered in a way nobody could use. Regular WAVs will open and play effortlessly on all three computing platforms.

Works for me.


It is ‘possible’ to store many things in WAV file, but there’s also a risk that non-standard WAV files could cause problems in other apps.

I know very little about the do’s and dont’s related to audio files, and I see what you are saying, … but the label data associated with 70-80 labels might take up 0.01 MB, which is fairly tiny relative to the full .WAV file.

I can see where it may cause difficulty in other programs, but I assumed that the room for the labels was already available in the standard header format. For example, I believe that Steinberg programs and iZotpe programs can share the labels within the .WAV files.

The reason I’m asking is that if I have done the majority of my editing in Audacity and want/need to do some specialized editing in some other software, it would be nice if the file I exported from Audacity carried my label markers with it so that I could easily locate the problem areas in the other software.